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About Us~

Al-Watania Company For Information Technology

Al-Watania Company is a leading Iraqi information technology company that provides solutions to both the public and private sectors in Iraq. The company has developed a successful track record with proven entrepreneurial procedures and a focus on successful project delivery.

Al-Watania Company contributed significantly, through a specialized technical staff, to the Electronic Bill Payment Aggregating Project for automating the work of the water, sewage, and municipal directorates of Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities, and Public Works. It also played a major role in establishing a data center within the ministry with the latest modern technologies and high quality.

~ Services ~

Specialized Services

Al-Watania Company focuses on providing IT solutions that meet specific customer needs. The company has a team of experienced specialists who work to develop and implement innovative solutions that contribute to the success of its customers

Watania Company offers a wide range of services and IT solutions, including:

~ Core Values ~

Al-Watania Company is guided by a set of core values:

Innovation Quality Customer Focus Collaboration Social Responsibility
Al-Watania Company For Information Technology


Striving to be a leader in information technology by providing innovative solutions that meet changing customer needs.

Al-Watania Company For Information Technology


Committing to providing high-quality services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Al-Watania Company For Information Technology

Customer Focus

  • Placing the needs of customers at the forefront of priorities.
Al-Watania Company For Information Technology


Valuing collaboration with customers and partners to deliver effective solutions.

Al-Watania Company For Information Technology

Social Responsibility

  • Committing to social responsibility and actively contributing to the betterment of Iraqi society.

Objectives of Al-Watania Company

  • Achieving growth and expansion in business.
  • Strengthening the position as the leading company in the field of information technology in Iraq.
  • Providing innovative solutions that meet changing customer needs.
  • Building long-term relationships with customers and partners.
  • Contributing to economic and social development in Iraq.